From £24 a month for 4 Classes a month

• Develop new skills, gain confidence, Anti bullying
• Improve strength, flexibility
• Start their competitive edge (when ready of course), excellent outlet for stress relief and anger management
• Improves attitude and therefore attendance and school grades
• Encourages focus, engagement, routine and life skills
• Connect body and mind, understanding the importance of “healthy living
• Make new friends and become part of an amazing community
• HKA has classes for the whole family

We teach our Cadets from the age of 7 and it is a really positive class where so many dreams come true, every champion is a beginner to start with! We have to walk before we can run and encouragement is at the very heart of what we do in our classes. This is a very light contact session with all our coaches that have many years of experience to help our little ones get the best out of their training.
At HKA we have a very strong stance on bullying! We do a lot of work with parents and schools to help stamp out any issues they may have. Many children sadly experience this from time to time and with some help and guidance together we can make progress, no matter the situation. HKA is a great place to focus, take out some stress, develop awesome friendships, and start to become a fantastic Kickboxing Champion.

HKA teaser #2

Teaser #2 from the project i am currently working on down at hastings kickboxing academy! Remember eyes peeled... P.S watch in HD!!!! #DRF #HKA #FILMS #KICKBOXING

Posted by Dale Rook Films on Friday, 19 February 2016

Monday 6.15 - 7pm£24 a month (4 classes a month)
Wednesday 5.15 - 6pm£40 a month (12 classes a month)
Thursday 6.15 - 7pm£49 a month (40 classes a month, unlimited training)
Saturday 9.30am - 10.15am

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  • Block 1, Ivyhouse industrial Estate, Brook Way Hastings, East Sussex TN35 4NN